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The Haze Club Claimed

Your Premium Cannabis Growing Service

Growing cannabis isn’t simple.

Buying it is illegal.

What’s the solution?

The Haze Club operates a state-of-the-art cannabis facility which has been set up to offer busy professionals the ability to grow the highest quality cannabis, legally and without time or effort. The club professionally manages the growing process on your behalf. THC will look after your plant from germination right through to drying and curing.


Q How does this process work?

Upon signup each member is assigned their fixed spaces within THC’s state-of-the-art facility, the lease of which is included in the membership fee.

The Club’s professional growers meticulously look after your plant from seed right through to harvest.

Q How many plants can a Member have?

We limit each member to a maximum of 2 plants which ensures that the quantity of cannabis is for personal consumption only.

2 plants also allows for staggered plantings which means more frequent harvests and greater variety. Get a new strain every month!

Q How is this legal?

The club is advised by Schindler’s Attorneys, the same law firm that helped win the Constitutional Court ruling which made it legal for private individuals to grow cannabis in their private space for personal consumption. To comply with the law, individual areas in the club’s grow facility are demarcated and leased to its members – thereby making it their private space. The club simply assists members in exercising their constitutional right to grow cannabis in their own private space.